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Finding Peace With Endo Podcast Episode 40 - Grief, Living With Endo, And Infertility

I had the pleasure of speaking with the founder of Finding Peace With Endo, Aubree Deimler. We discussed what I learned on my journey of grief and related it to my experience living with endometriosis and how it can relate to infertility. For an inspiring conversation on perspective, have a listen and go ahead and like and share Aubree’s podcast 🙂 For more information on how Aubree may be able to help you on your individual journey you can find her at www.peacewithendo.com

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Interview With Amy Walker - Founder Of The Dietista - t/a Nutritency

I had the pleasure of speaking with Amy Walker the founder of The Dietista - T/A Nutritency about my journey with grief and what inspired me to become a life coach. Updated contact details to come.