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Did you know that there are more than forty life events that can lead to feelings of grief and despair? While many people think that death and divorce are the only reasons to take part in grief counselling, several situations can lead to someone seeking grief support. Because there are varying levels and intensities of grief, the recovery process may look different for everyone. Some individuals may need counselling with a registered and trained psychologist, while others thrive under The Grief Recovery Method. Contact me to see if The Grief Recovery Method is right for you. If you require additional support, I can recommend you to a therapist that specializes in grief counselling in Calgary.

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Grief Recovery vs. Grief Counselling

  • The Grief Recovery Method
  • Is Evidence-Based
    - As an evidence-based program, The Grief Recovery Method has been researched and peer-reviewed. The studies indicate high-confidence that those who follow The Grief Recovery Method can find happiness following loss.
  • Includes a Rigourous Structure
    - Participants must attend all sessions and actively engage in all assignments and readings to fully benefit from the program. The structure can be rigorous, which is why it is recommended for individuals who are ready to move on.
  • Provides Lifelong Tools
    - Grief counselling can be effective in helping individuals through a loss, but The Grief Recovery Method takes it one step further and teaches life skills that allow participants to find greater happiness and meaning in their lives moving forward.

  • Traditional Grief Counselling
  • Is With a Trained Psychologist
    - Trained psychologists have been through years of schooling, intense training, and hands-on experience. Their expertise comes from rigorous study, but their methods and execution may vary and do not necessarily follow a specific program.
  • May Involve Alternative Methods
    - Trained psychologists often seek out additional education to better their practice. For example, some psychologists will also choose to become Grief Recovery Specialists and offer The Grief Recovery Method to clients who could benefit from it.
  • Involves Intuitive Flexibility
    - Psychologists are trained to recognize behaviours, signs and symptoms in patients. As such, they tailor their approach to meet the needs of a client. While The Grief Recovery Method is a structured program, grief counselling is more personal and customized.

“I promise you, life is beautiful. It is all in how you choose to perceive and respond to your experiences.” ~ Meg

Grief Support By Meg Roberts
An Alternative to Grief Counselling

There are several different methods and approaches for working through grief and overcoming loss, but the Grief Recovery Method is the only evidence-based program in the world. Grief Recovery Specialists are certified under the Grief Recovery Institute, and although some are therapists, it’s not a requirement.


As a Grief Recovery Specialist and a life coach in Calgary, and having been through what I’ve been through, I find The Grief Recovery Handbook to be an invaluable tool when helping clients recover from a loss.


I have complete confidence that The Grief Recovery Method can help you expand your understanding of grief, identify limiting emotions and behaviours, renew your sense of hope and purpose in life.


If you’re seeking grief counselling in Calgary, consider all the alternatives, including The Grief Recovery Method.

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Only trained psychologists can offer grief counselling. Trained psychologists may or may not utilize The Grief Recovery Method. Meg Roberts is a certified Grief Recovery Specialist and is currently pursuing a Master’s education in her efforts to become a registered psychologist.

Most therapists and psychologists determine an hourly fee for their services. The overall cost will depend on the number of sessions required.
Grief counselling can be beneficial for anyone who has experienced a tragic loss and traumatic event in their life, whether recent or in the past. You may also choose to take advantage of The Grief Recovery Method.

“Love yourself and know that you are deserving, you are powerful, and you are loved beyond measure.” ~ Meg

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