What Does a Life Coaching Session Look Like?

There are many life coaches in Calgary, like myself, that offer in-person or video call coaching services through signature programs; a custom made program or a session by session basis. Today I want to outline what a one-time session would look like if you signed up for a Courageous Life Coaching session with me. 

What should you know before the Life Coaching session?

These sessions are typically 60-90 minutes long, depending on what the client brings to the table. Before the call, you will be asked the following questions: 

  1. How do you want to spend the session, and what is the main topic you want to discuss?
  2. How will you know when you have received the help you were looking for?
  3. What do you want to walk away with from our session?

It is so important that clients put a little bit of thought into these sessions before the call. The more information I have, the quicker I will be able to help you determine your primary pain point that you want to resolve. 

Focusing on one thing at a time is crucial. 

If you try to discuss multiple topics of concern, the session will come to an end before we can create any plan of action for you. 

My primary goal for your session is to have you walk away with a plan of action that you can begin working on immediately and with confidence. I understand from personal experience just how difficult it can be to get started on something amidst all the chaos without clarity

My passion is to help you attain that clarity and use it to build your road map. 

During the call, we will start by discussing your goal and exploring what some of your possibilities are to make accomplishing that goal more realistic. We will determine a specific S.M.A.R.T. goal and a list of tasks that will need to be completed to attain that goal. 

Action is crucial in anyone’s success, and we will make sure that you have a clear plan of action in place before we end the call. 

We will focus on solutions rather than problems, and we will identify areas of your life that you find limiting and shape them in a way that is helpful rather than inhabiting. 


Perception is Critical for Life Coaching Sessions 

I want to make sure that any limiting beliefs that you have that are holding you back are acknowledged and that you walk away from the call looking at them differently. I want you to see situations, whether good or bad, as opportunities rather than limits. This isn’t always an easy process, but it can be the difference between moving forward and remaining stagnant. 

These sessions will provide you with enough work to get started, and if your goals are quite simple, this call might be just what you need to get you motivated and ready to take control of your life. 

If you find your goals are more complex and may take more work and a more extended timeline to accomplish, we have a couple of options:

  1. We can continue to work on a session by session basis when you find yourself needing support and guidance or; 
  2. We can discuss signing you up for either a signature program or customized program, depending on your specific desires and needs. 

Hiring a life coach in Calgary, or registering for an online Life Coach program like several of mine, is a financial investment but one that should be approached with excitement and comfort. When you hire me as a life coach, you can go into it knowing that you will be provided support from someone whose passion and primary job is to help you accomplish whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. 

Whether you are going through a significant life change, finding yourself wondering what your purpose is, or you recently experienced a heartbreaking loss, I have a program that will work for you. 

I don’t offer cookie-cutter programs, and I understand everyone is unique, thus so our life experiences. 

If you aren’t familiar with my story and what led me to this profession, please have a look at this link to get to know me a little bit better. I am not a guru, and I don’t preach what I haven’t practiced. I have learned these skills through many life experiences, and my passion was developed through years of overcoming trauma and hardships of my own. 

I know just how precious and short life is, and I care deeply about helping people leave behind the things they CAN’T control and learn valuable tools to focus on the things they CAN.

My single session option can be just that, a single, one-time session, or it can be the beginning of something much bigger. You get to decide. 

Find your passion for life again with Meg Roberts, a certified life coach in Calgary. Meg’s dedication to helping others and giving them the foundation to live life to the fullest after suffering tragedy or pain is her mission. Her purpose is to encourage others to take control of their lives, ensuring they have the courage and will to enjoy life, not let tragedy destroy it. If you are wondering if you are ‘ready’ to hire a life coach, you can check out the link here to download a free PDF that explains whether or not you should hire a life coach: https://bit.ly/MegRobertsLifeCoach

You can also book a FREE discovery call to determine your next steps or your first Discovery Session to get you started.

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