Take What You Need

This page includes a compilation of blogs that include thoughts and feelings about some of my personal experiences as well as important lessons and tools that I want to impart with readers. I hope you find something valuable here, whether it’s a comfort knowing someone else is feeling what you’re feeling, hope knowing you can make it one more day, or determination knowing that your dream life is possible!

Why Hire a Life Coach?

As I began to embark on the journey of becoming a life coach, I often had to answer the common questions, “why would one hire

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The Wake Up Global Summit 18′

Amy’s words:

“I’m exceptionally motivated to help women wake up to a life well lived. Too many of us go through life, reaching the end and looking back thinking ‘what if I’d done that? If I had my time again, I would’ …. etc. It’s my mission to wake women up to their lives now, not tomorrow and motivate them to live them to their greatest potential.”

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The Crystal Ball of Truth

The Crystal Ball of Truth Self Criticism Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could look inside a crystal ball and view for ourselves the reality

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Monday Morning Hope

Monday mornings. For me and my current lifestyle, Monday mornings are just like any other day and coming from a long life of shift work;