Living with COURAGE – Overcome adversity and achieve your ultimate goals and desires


It’s finally done. I have been talking about building Living with COURAGE since at least 2020, and I’ve finally done it. I am not going to lie; a part of me was terrified to complete it. If I finish it, that means I have to put it out there. We all know how scary putting ourselves out there can be. 

You would think that after years of being an open book, this sort of thing would come more naturally to me. However, the truth is, I am just like all of you. I have my own fears and limiting beliefs that have the “potential” to hold me back, but here is where I am different.


I NEVER let them hold me back. 

Easier said than done. 

Let’s be clear on that.

So how do I get past the natural fear response? That voice in my head saying:





The real and honest truth is I am 100% okay with looking like a complete idiot and failing a million times. If there is one ounce of a chance that I might succeed and help even one person escape from a life of discontentment, grief, and misery; it’s worth it.

I have spent multiple hours crying with my husband, asking:

Why am I doing this?

Maybe I should get a real job.

I suck at marketing; nobody wants this shit.

Nobody wants me as their coach.

Only people with money succeed in this industry.

People who are prettier, more intelligent, more educated, etc., etc. 

Seriously everyone, you name it, I have thought it. However, every time I feel inadequate and downright stupid for even embarking down this path, I ALWAYS pull myself out of it. I ALWAYS figure it out. 


This is what makes me the coach that I am. I can speak from a place of experience because I don’t feel like this has come easy for me. My  journey has consisted of me sorting through a ridiculous amount of negative self-talk to get me where I am today. 


This is what I help clients to work through. This is my bread and butter, and I wholeheartedly love it. 

The satisfaction I get watching individuals discover the power within them and witnessing the moment they realize they don’t have to live the way they are living and that it’s not only okay to want more, but it’s possible to achieve more. 

That is my why.

I have walked the walk, and now I want to teach people everything I have learned along the way. 

Life is not always meant to be perfect, and sometimes we get thrown down hard. I am here to pick you up and help you adjust your sails. 

I will never encourage you to do something that I wouldn’t be willing to do myself. In addition, I will always be honest, transparent, and open so you can learn from me and trust me. 

In Living with COURAGE, my goal is to help you: 

Develop a greater sense of meaning & purpose, and begin to experience the freedom that comes from living in alignment with your true self!

As well as that, I want you to leave with a clear understanding of who you are, what you want, and the tools and habits to live mindfully and purposefully every day!

Living with COURAGE is for you if you are: 


Certain you have a purpose, but not sure what it is.

In search of clarity and want to design a life that aligns with who you are.

Hoping to gain insight into what may be holding you back. 

Prepared to live intentionally but need help writing your story and building a roadmap to achieve your goals and desires. 

Experiencing a shift and wanting more in life. 

Feeling guilt and judgment within yourself for not doing more when you know you are capable of it.

Struggling with feeling worthy of more and often wonder if you can achieve it.

Having difficulty being efficient and need that push of guidance and accountability. 

You may also be here because you are interested in life coaching, but you aren’t entirely sure if you should hire a life coach or are ready.

Living with COURAGE will: 


Walk you through most of what I cover in my one-on-one coaching sessions and give you an in-depth taste of what I focus on with my clients. 

I will help you:

Discover and resolve barriers holding you back and getting in the way of change and progress. 

Learn to be curious about what is possible and explore all your dreams, whether big or small. 

To be vulnerable and how to hold space for yourself. 

You will leave this course:

With an understanding of unconditional acceptance of where you have been, where you are now, and where you are going. 

Clearly understanding your own inner resilience, with tools to assist you with managing fear, stress, and anxiety. 

With the ability to reframe unhelpful thought patterns and tools to build better ones. 

Ready to practice gratitude for the things that are going well and feeling empowered and ready to take back your life with intention.

I developed this course because there is so much noise and information out there. It can sometimes be overwhelming to the point where people decide to give up before even starting. So I wanted to curate info into one place with a step-by-step, point A to B transformation. 

I have worked with countless clients with a minimal budget. As a result of that, we have only been able to touch on parts of what I will teach you in this course. 

This course costs less than one single 90-minute session of coaching and is packed with over 9 hours of video content, reflection exercises, and guided meditations. 

My goal is that you will gain so much value from this course that you will no longer need a life coach (not right now, anyway). However, if in the end, you feel you still need someone to dig a little bit deeper and to have that accountability piece; this course will set you up in a way that you will be more than ready to start the coaching process, whether with me or someone else. 


This is not a one size fits all course, and your journey through this course will be unique. 

If I have sparked your interest and you are ready to start, you can email me at [email protected] to begin your transformation journey.

If you have further questions, please feel free to book an introductory session HERE or contact me at [email protected].


I hope to hear from you soon.