Over the last few years I have often heard the words, “Meg, your writing is amazing, how do you find the words? I could never write like you”.


The truth is, anyone can write like me. Many write better than me. All it really takes is a pen and a piece of paper. Or a laptop and a quiet place.


For me, all it takes is a feeling, a thought, an experience, or a lesson.


For me, it started from a place of pain and trauma and has grown to a place of joy and desire.


When I started writing it was only as a result of my therapist suggesting I share my day openly on my social media account so that I could notify everyone at the same time how I was doing instead of having to reply to countless messages on my phone.


You see, my journey of writing began when I thought my life had ended. The death of my fiance was the birth of my writing.


I didn’t know how to write, my grammar was and is far from perfect, and half the time I was only writing because if I didn’t write, I would be self-medicating with alcohol or trying to sleep my sorrows away.


Writing became a habitual activity that kept me from doing something I may regret.


Writing literally saved my life.

I have journals upon journals of feelings, thoughts, memories, wishes, prayers, letters to those who have passed on, and promises to my self. Some of my journals have an order to them, and others are a complete chaotic mess that most would think belonged to someone who is suffering from extreme neurosis.


Writing is a form of therapy for many including myself, and I believe wholeheartedly it saved me from myself.


I do believe anyone can write, and it certainly does not have to be shared publicly, but it can be very healing if you choose to share as it helps so many to see that they are not alone.


It doesn’t matter what you write about; chances are, someone else is feeling or experiencing something very similar.


We all have a story, and no one’s story is more powerful than someone else’s. Through writing, I learned that there are so many people out there who have been through a version of what I have been through. Through writing, I have met countless inspirational people who I now call my friends, and through writing, I have cried more tears with strangers than I had ever done before.


So many times I have been told, “Meg your writing brought me to tears,” and my response is usually this; “it brought me to tears too.”


Much of the time I didn’t truly know how I felt until I read it back, and through this process, I was able to find clarity, understanding, and a healthy way of healing.


For anyone who may want to use writing as a way of healing or self-growth here is my advice;


1. Schedule a time to get your thoughts out. Whether it is in the day or evening on paper or computer, just schedule it. Give yourself ten minutes a day if you can and get it all out.


2. Be honest. I don’t mean be honest with others. I mean, to be honest with yourself. If you are feeling it or thinking it, get it out. Don’t minimize it or sugar coat it. I don’t care if your thoughts are terrifying, get them out. Even if you are embarrassed you are thinking it, get it out. GET IT OUT OF YOUR HEAD.


3. Don’t put any thought into it. You have enough thoughts running through your head, trying to put more thought into writing is only going to overwhelm you and destroy the healing part of this process. When you sit down to write; just write. It doesn’t have to make any sense. It doesn’t even have to be sentences.


Just get what you’re thinking and feeling down and when you’re done; have a look. Chances are you might be just like me and be amazed by what you read back. This is where the healing begins.


Writing saved my life and I couldn’t be more grateful that my psychologist suggested it to me as I likely wouldn’t have done it on my own.

If you were to sit down now, what would you write about?


Take care and happy writing,


Meg Roberts is an experienced life coach in Calgary offering grief support and life coaching. As a Grief Recovery Method specialist and as someone who has overcome her share of grief, Meg is an empathetic coach with a unique perspective on love and life. Book a Free Consultation with Meg to get started on the road to healing and recovery.

“You’re not going to master the rest of your life in one day. Just relax. Master the day. Then just keep doing that every day.”

I stumbled across these words the other day, and it really got me thinking. This is so important for people to remember. Often we forget that great things seldom happen overnight. We also tend to compare our “chapter one” with someone else’s “chapter 20”. This can be very discouraging.

When I read the words above I thought; how true is this. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to bed asking myself, “was I productive today?”. Most often the answer is yes, but sometimes, more often than not, we find ourselves thinking no matter how much we do in one day; it’s still not enough.

It’s October 31. The very last day of the month and I am only now getting to this article. My goal is to write an entry per month for my newsletter, and I am telling you, as a brand new Mommy as of September 25, this is a tall order, so this entry is going to be short.

I wanted to write about living each day with intention. The words at the start of this entry should remind you that if you can master each day you can master your life.

I try to live by this. Somedays I feel like I am merely going through the motions, but I always promise myself to complete at least one task towards my goals. If I can do that, achieving my desired goals will be that much closer.

Each day I want you to wake up and decide what the one thing is you MUST achieve today. It doesn’t have to be huge. It can be as simple as writing at least one page in the book you have wanted to complete for years, or sending that inquiry email to someone you would like to collaborate with. Whatever it is, you have to complete it.

No matter what.

I mean short of a natural disaster, a death in the family or some other unforeseen circumstance that can’t be ignored; YOU MUST COMPLETE IT.

Show up for yourself and get it done. You will feel so much better when you go to bed at night having completed at least one task that relates to your goals. Obviously, to do this you have to have a clear idea of what your goals are, and if you don’t, I encourage you to have a look at my article Finding Clarity in Chaos.

I promise I practice what I preach. I am a new Mom of a five week old, a University student, a life coach with active clients, a step mom, and a spouse; I am busy too and I promise I practice what I preach, I wouldn’t be asking you to do things that I don’t find time to do myself. Even in all the chaos.

Get it done.

Also, one more thing I wanted to share is something I heard in a podcast by Brendon Burchard recently. He talked about how so many of us simply react are way through each day. We respond to the environment, and we don’t go through our days as intentional humans.

He suggests going into your day saying things like, “today I am going to be patient, confident, and playful,” or, “today I am going to be kind, humble, and encouraging.”

Pick three things that you want to be in the day and then be that. It will help you to intentionally think about how you are going to respond to everyday situations and how you may respond to the work you have set in front of you.

For example, if you say today you are going to be patient, and at some point in the day you receive an email from someone telling you they haven’t had time to get to the work you have delegated to them, and they need a few more days, remember, today you have said you would be patient; practice that.

Obviously, every circumstance is different and has to be assessed as it happens, but if you go into your day with some intention, it will force you to stop and think a little bit more instead of simply reacting.

Maybe instead of instantly sending that frustrated email that you will likely regret five seconds after you send it, you might ask yourself; how can I practice being patient in this scenario as I went into the day saying I would be more patient and I want to honor that intention.

According to Brendon Burchard, you can direct your mind, your emotions, and your body to be who you want to be by choosing each morning to be intentional.

So my advice today is to remember these two things:

1. Show up for yourself each day and complete at least one task you have set forth and;

2. Determine each morning who you want to be the rest of the day, and be that.

Sound simple? That’s because it is. It takes practice of course, but once you can master each day, you can master your life.

By the way, I am exhausted as I type this but I completed my task today. What’s yours? Will you complete it?

Take care and Happy Halloween!