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Monday Morning Hope

Monday mornings.

For me and my current lifestyle, Monday mornings are just like any other day and coming from a long life of shift work; my Monday mornings always fell on several different days. When you are exhausted and possibly working in a job that does not fuel your fire, I know just how debilitating Monday mornings can be.

Here is what I want to give to you today;

Empowerment, hope, and the idea that THIS WEEK COULD BE THE WEEK YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Here is the brutal and honest truth, the moment you decide to live a life of pure abundance and 100% alignment with your soul; YOU will be able to move every obstacle and every mountain that stands in your way.

You just need to say YES.

Last night we set up our Christmas tree. I was super excited, and anyone who knows me knows that I truly have a love-hate relationship with Christmas. I find joy in so many things about Christmas, but all those things hurt my heart just a little bit more everytime I lose someone I love. I have so many family Christmas memories.

I didn’t set up my tree last year because I didn’t have a home. Well, I did, but my parents had their own tree. This year as I was going through my ornaments my heart was heavy. I found one with Nick’s name on it and one that my beautiful friends Stacey and Jennie gave Nick and I the year we got engaged.

Just when I thought I might have to hold back the tears the people in my life reminded me that it was okay to continue to celebrate Nick, and I instantly felt safe again.

We hung up his stocking and his ornament, and I shared the story of how amazing Nick was at fluffing Christmas trees.

I am so thankful to have people who understand that even though Nick is gone, he is the reason I am who I am today, and I will miss him every day until the day I die. His death will not define me, but it did change me, and it’s impossible to deny that.

Around this time last year, I was in a state of complete defeat and desperation. I knew where I didn’t want to be, but I had no idea where I wanted to go.

I knew I wanted to continue down the road of helping people, but I also knew policing was not the avenue in which I wanted to do that.

I knew I no longer wanted to live in Calgary, but I didn’t know where I was going to build my new home and my completely new life.

While I was sitting at my parent’s kitchen table desperately trying to google “how to fix my life”, I came across a PDF called In Transition: Getting Where You Need to Go: by Abe Brown. I read the entire thing. I instantly felt safe, and most importantly I was reminded;

I am not alone.

This past weekend I completed my certification as a life coach practitioner with Abe Brown and Certified Coaches Federation.

Now although my goal is to turn this into a business, to parallel the other things I am working towards right now, and attaining clients will be one of my endeavours; I would feel truly guilty if I didn’t recommend this course to everyone I know.

I want to take a moment to share a few of the things I have spoken about before but received validation for this weekend.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE: It doesn’t matter where you came from, how you got to where you are, or whether or not YOUR story is “more powerful” or “less difficult” than someone else’s. You are not alone. Everyone in this world has some sort of story, and most people are always in a period of transition one way or another.

Please remember this because the more we compare and compete the less likely people are going to feel empowered to seek help and change their lives.

IT IS NEVER TO LATE TO LIVE THE LIFE YOU’VE IMAGINED: Honestly everyone, this is so important. If being in your 30’s or 40’s or 50’s and so on is too old to change your life, then we likely wouldn’t have had a lot of things we have now because a lot of influential people and inventors became successful very late in life, and many of them came from NOTHING.

I will be 32 in a couple of weeks, and my life is taking a full 360.

TRY TO BE COMFORTABLE WITH BEING UNCOMFORTABLE: So many people have said to me, “I wish I were as strong as you, I wish I had the courage to change my life.”

Look, you can call it strength and courage or anything else you choose, but the bottom line is; the moment I decided that I was going to embrace the feeling of being uncomfortable, was the exact moment my life changed. Selling my house, leaving my high paying job with loads of benefits and a great pension, and moving into my parent’s basement was not comfortable. I was scared out of my mind that I was making a colossal mistake, but my heart told me I wasn’t, and I had to follow through with that.

Try to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. You are more capable than you think when it comes to figuring things out.

THE WAY YOU THINK AND WHERE YOU FOCUS YOUR THOUGHTS MATTERS: This was one of the more difficult concepts I had to learn, and I still haven’t mastered it. I have had several things happen since Nick died that are pure cruel, unfair, and completely inconvenient, and each time it happens I have a moment of “this is so unfair, why me?”

I DO NOT allow these moments to last long.

Here is an example.

I lost my USB drive this past week with all of my study notes, assignments that I needed to turn in, and so many documented thoughts and ideas for the book I am in the process of writing. My biggest mistake was that I didn’t have any of it saved on my computer, so it is all gone for good, with no way of getting it back. I am convinced our giant plant, who we named Cobra, ate it.

I felt defeated and scared.

What am I going to do? I kept saying to Scott, “This is bad, this is really bad.”

We spent an entire evening searching our house for it and unfortunately no luck. I wanted to curl up in a ball, yell at the universe and then die.


The next morning I made a choice. I can either be depressed and frustrated that I lost my work or I can get my ass out of bed and start over. The more time I spend feeling sorry for myself and getting angry at the universe, the less time I have to start over.

Let me make one thing clear; this thought process did not come naturally, but I remembered this;

I lost the love of my life, and he is never coming back, nor will I ever find him later. He is gone, and I had to start my entire life over; I think I can manage to start my homework and study notes over too.

So on this Monday morning try to control your negative thoughts. Try to put away what is causing you grief and put more energy into what you can change.

If you are in transition, whatever that may look like, and you want to work towards a life, you only dream about, please consider looking up Certified Coaches Federation and the PDF In Transition. The links are below.

If you are not ready to take that large of a step, and maybe you can’t make that kind of investment yet, that is okay. If you are interested in learning more about what my coaching practice can do, please let me know. My website isn’t ready yet, but I am getting really close. Web design is not my strong suit.

Abe Brown is inspiring, hilarious, and truly passionate about what he does. I don’t know how many times I said to Scott, “I just love him, and everything he says resonates with me.” Abe didn’t come from the riches and wasn’t handed a silver spoon. He faced his adversity head on and managed to come out alive, and on top. His perspective and outlook on this life are beyond refreshing, and I would recommend his courses and books to anyone who wants to feel more empowered and encouraged.

For any more information on any of this just send me a message.



Have an amazing week everyone.

Love, laugh, and live fearlessly <3





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